EXCLUSIVE: Searching for a King Trailer Featured

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EXCLUSIVE: Searching for a King Trailer

Appian Media's first full series 'Following the Messiah' has been completed and now all 10 episodes of this powerful gospel series is available for FREE on an ever-growing variety of online channels. As we look at 2018 and beyond, we are incredibly excited to announce our next project:

The coming of the Messiah was the arrival of The King, foretold for generations, and highlighted in the life of David. Journey with us in 'Searching for a King' an epic and compelling look into the lives of Saul, David, and Solomon: the three kings of Israel's United Kingdom. Development and pre-production has already begin and, Lord willing, we are making plans for our team to travel to Israel this summer to shoot this new series! 

We will have more details about 'Searching for a King,' as well as our fund-raising goals for 2018, to share with you all very soon! In the meantime, please pray for the continued success of these efforts and consider supporting us in the creation of more engaging and Biblically accurate media! 



The Appian Media Team