The Appian Media Family Prepares for Our Final Day

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Our tiny Appian Media family just finished our nightly meeting reviewing the plans for our final day of production. In some ways it seems like the time has flown by! It was a joy to sit together and remember our previous days of production, the locations, the events, the bloopers…

As we each shared our memories, I was convinced every single member of our nine-person production team passionately believes in the work they are doing when they donate two weeks of their year to travel to Israel and work non-stop in order to create dynamic, immersive, compelling, accurate videos about Biblical events and the places they happened in. I am convinced of that for several reasons:

First of all, they are here! All six members of last year’s crew returned and we added three more.

Second, they are all here as an act of service and it is not only them who are sacrificing, but their family and friends back home. Three members of our crew either completed a move into a new home hours before getting on the plane, or their family moved from one state to another during our trip! One team member experienced the birth of his first child two weeks before the trip, but then he boarded the plane to help us produce more content. Another team member received a phone call four days into our time in Jerusalem to learn that a birthmother had chosen his family to adopt her baby! Every team member is here without pay, which means they are taking vacation days to be here. Additionally, every spouse and loved one back home checks in with words of encouragement while holding down the fort waiting for each of us to return.

Third, and most importantly, they love Jesus. They are deeply convicted that Jesus came to earth, died, rose from the grave, ascended to heaven and will return some day, and they want as many people to be prepared for that return as possible!

Thank you for following our work during the last two weeks! But once we get home in 48 hours, there will be several months of post-production ahead of us. We will always share what we can and provide updates whenever possible! Please pray for our last day of shooting tomorrow to be just as wonderful as our first, and pray for safe travels, and for our families. God bless all of you!

Jeremy for the Appian Media team.