Having Fun While Working Hard

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It's 104 degrees and our crew is, once again, standing in direct sun at our third location of the day.  

We're all hot, we're tired and ready to throw in the towel. If that sounds like a bad day at work, you're probably not wrong, still all nine members of the Appian Media team are having one of the best work days of our lives. This trip has been challenging. If you've followed our blogs or watched our daily recap videos you might have gleaned this information, yet as each day goes by we continue to grow closer. At Appian Media we call ourselves a team, we operate like a team, we act like a team yet we love each other like a family. I know that I could rely on any of the other eight people on our crew, I know I can trust any of them and I know they would be there to back me up, even in the 100+ degree heat.   

While we're cramming as much video goodness into each day, we also manage to squeeze in a little fun (sometimes maybe a lot of fun). The dynamic of our entire group is high energy and every now and then downright silly. We love to work hard and have a good time doing what we love. We take Appian Media's mission to create Biblically accurate, visually engaging content very seriously - but we also know enjoying what you do and having fun doing your work is important.  

"People rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they are doing."

- Dale Carnegie