Fathers and Sons Working Together in Israel

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I love my children. I truly do. I love the fact that they can quote nearly any line from the Andy Griffith Show. I love that they help their Mom with the groceries. And I love that they do not complain when we get up early and go to worship on Sunday.


The psalmist stated it accurately when he said that “children are a heritage from the Lord” (Psalm 127:3).

This year, I have been fortunate enough to bring Samuel with me to Israel. He has always had an interest in video production and my wife and I thought that it would be beneficial for him to watch and learn from Godly men who do this for a living. After Appian Media raised the funds to return to Israel this year, I asked Craig and Stuart if they minded if I brought Samuel along and paid for his way. They were gracious in their response and gladly welcomed him.

For Samuel, this trip is not a vacation. His official title is “Production Assistant”, but his responsibilities are almost endless. He sets up equipment. He tears down equipment. He takes behind-the-scenes video. He fetches items that have been forgotten. He carries equipment from the bus to the filming site, only to rest about ten minutes and then tote it right back. He wakes up early and goes to bed late. He will attest: this is not a vacation.

But, for me, it is a vacation. I am working hard too, but any time I get to spend time with my kids, it is a vacation.

With this age of countless distractions, finding time for parents and kids to spend quality time together is increasingly difficult. And, finding time to talk about Jesus can be challenging as well. But, it must be done. Our children’s souls depend on it.

As a member of the Appian Media team, we are hoping that the videos we produce can help accomplish two things:

First, we hope that parents and children can sit down and watch these videos together. By doing so, they will be setting aside the distractions of life and spend time with each other.

Second, we hope that parents and children can use the videos as a launching pad to talk to each other about Jesus.

Why these two things? It is simple. Because our “children are a heritage from the Lord”.