2017 Fundraising Begins with over $40,000 in donations!

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Appian Media already has over 50% of its operating budget for this year but we still need your help to make it the rest of the way!  The next 30 days are going to be awesome.  

We have lots to share with you about our plans for Appian Media in 2017.  We have exciting news about ways Following the Messiah is already reaching people all over the world with God’s timeless message.

Right now we need you.  

We need your prayers.

We need your financial support.  

In 2016 nearly 200 people gave $65,000 to create the first half of the Following the Messiah series.  In 2017 our goal is to raise $80,000 to complete the series and continue producing other media from the Bible lands.

There is so much groundbreaking technology in the film/television industry - we NEED to use these tools to create engaging visual media about the Bible.  Video can be powerful… God’s word IS powerful… let’s combine this tool and God’s message to create an unstoppable force for evangelism!  

Here’s how you can get involved:

Step 1: Donate

Visit www.appianmedia.org and make a tax deductible donation.  Whatever amount you are able to give is a huge donation in our minds!  You can make a one time donation or set a recurring donation.  

Step 2: Share

We ask that you share this work with friends, family, neighbors, your church group, anyone.  We want this message to spread and you are a huge part of helping get the word out.  Share it on Facebook, forward this email, call someone, however you want to spread this opportunity is great… but please share!  

Step 3: Pray!

Most importantly, please pray for our entire team at Appian Media.  Craig, Stu, Jeremy, Barry & Jet have put in hundreds of unpaid hours to create this content and maintain these tools.  We need your prayers.  We truly believe God is powerful and can use Appian Media for His glory!

Check back throughout the next 30 days to get the latest news about Appian Media’s fundraising efforts and learn more about what we have planned for an exciting 2017.