Digging Deeper Into the Text: Jesus’ Circumcision vs. Dedication at the Temple

Written by Appian Media Team

This past week two of our viewers had the same question about something that was stated in the ‘Following the Messiah’ video series.  The question is in reference to Jesus’ dedication at the temple. We are so grateful and thankful for our viewer’s attention to detail. 

Both viewers asked about Luke 2 and wanted clarification about the sequence of events surrounding Jesus’ circumcision and dedication at the temple. In Episode 1 & 5 Jeremy and Barry talk about Jesus going to the temple in Jerusalem when he was eight days old. That is incorrect. Jesus was circumcised at 8 days old (Luke 2:21), and that likely took place in Bethlehem where he was born.

According to the Law of Moses, Mary had to wait 40 days before she could make her offering for ceremonial purification following childbirth (Leviticus 12:1-8). This offering is what Luke recorded in Luke 2:22-38, and that is when Jesus and his parents went to the temple in Jerusalem. It was also during this visit that Jesus was dedicated to God as the firstborn son of Mary and Joseph (Exodus 13:1-16).

At Appian Media it is always our goal to accurately convey the Word of God. When a mistake is found we will do our best to correct it and communicate those corrections with you - our viewers.  Since the mistake was brought to our attention we have updated the episodes with the correct information online and also plan to update the episodes on our next order of DVD’s and BluRays.  

Already we have seen an incredible response to the release of FTM: Episodes 1-5! We have literally heard from Bible students all over the world providing us with early feedback on these videos:

We have heard from someone as far away as New Zealand who has watched FTM: Episodes 1-5.

A congregation in Indiana is already supplementing their current study on the life of Jesus by using the videos, even before the FTM Study Guide has been released!

A 6-year-old from Alabama told her mom that her faith is stronger now that she knows that the places Jesus lived in are real.

When we began Appian Media, our goal was to create Biblically-accurate videos that can be used to help teach people about Jesus. As with any teaching process, typically the ones who learn the most are the teachers themselves! Preparing to assimilate and share information well requires additional time and effort. Also with any teaching process, sincerely inquisitive students push us to learn more.

We sincerely apologize for not clearly distinguishing between his 8th day circumcision and his 40th day dedication trip to Jerusalem. Thank you for helping us catch that, and for using the videos to dig deeper into God’s word. Ultimately, our goal is that all of us will continue to better understand and more deeply believe in the Biblical record! 


To God’s glory!



- The Appian Media Team