Meet The Team

Craig Dehut is a director and producer who works on a range of projects from corporate videos to web series and short films.

Stuart Peck is a commercial and TV producer who has worked in news, marketing and video production.

Jeremy Dehut serves as a preacher, teacher and counselor. He writes a blog at, where he also provides Bible study material.

Barry Britnell is a frequent traveler to Israel and maintains his website, where he regularly blogs and posts pictures from the lands of the Bible.

Dan Kingsley is Appian Media’s executive producer. He is an avid traveler and has been five times to countries connected with the New Testament.

Jet Kaiser is a cinematographer and editor who got his start in the video industry at a young age by producing wedding films.

Danielle Kaiser works full time for Jet Kaiser Films and Lightspan Studios as a camera operator and studio editor.